Choosing a Life Settlement Broker in Wisconsin

If you are considering a life settlement, it is important to find an experienced broker who will get the best offer for your policy. Life settlements can be complicated. Be sure your broker is licensed, independent, and works for your best interests, not the buyers. Monarch Insurance Partners’ managing partner, Brad Mueller, abides by this fiduciary standard and is one of only thirteen active life settlement brokers resident in Wisconsin, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, as of September 21, 2021 (

Understanding Life Settlements

A life settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to a third-party institutional investor. The original owner receives a cash lump sum settlement for more than the cash surrender value but less than the death benefit. The third-party investor becomes the owner of the policy and takes over the premium payments. Then, when the insured person dies, the investor collects the death benefit.

Why would anyone want to sell their life insurance policy? You might, if you find yourself in one of these situations:

  • You need the cash more than you need the insurance coverage — for retirement, medical treatment, or family emergencies.
  • The kids are on their own, the mortgage is paid off, and your family wouldn’t need to replace your income if you passed away.
  • You are selling your business or retiring and no longer need the life insurance you bought.
  • Your premium payments have become unaffordable.
  • Policies held in a trust aren’t meeting trust objectives, or the trust can no longer afford premium payments.

Why You Need a Life Settlement Broker

Some companies can help you sell your policy, but they are likely working for the buyer of the policy, not you. Brokers can guide you through the process of valuing and selling your policy, making the transaction much easier. Also, a broker can bring your policy to auction and present it to multiple buyers. The goal is to bid the selling price upward – resulting in more money for you. Read more about using a broker here.

Finding an Experienced Broker

Contact Monarch Insurance Partners to talk to our life settlement broker, Brad Mueller, and answer a few quick questions about your policy. Within a few days, we can provide you with a written analysis of your chances of qualifying for a life settlement, the amount of cash we would expect to get for your policy, and full disclosure of any fees.

Valmark Securities supervises all life settlements like a security transaction and its’ registered representatives act as brokers on the transaction and may receive a fee from the purchaser. Once a policy is transferred, the policy owner has no control over subsequent transfers and may be required to disclosure additional information later. If a continued need for coverage exists, the policy owner should consider the availability, adequacy and cost of the comparable coverage. A life settlement transaction may require an extended period to complete and result in higher costs and fees due to their complexity. Policy owners considering the need for cash should consider other less costly alternatives. A life settlement may affect the insured’s ability to obtain insurance in the future and the seller’s eligibility for certain public assistance programs. When an individual decides to sell their policy, they must provide complete access to their medical history, and other personal information. Each client’s experience varies, and there is no guarantee that a life settlement will generate an offer greater than the current cash surrender value.